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What would Christ be doing if He was walking the earth today? Would He be running a foundation, pastoring a church, teaching at a seminary, working in political advocacy, or living amongst people – healing, touching, and feeding?
More importantly – why would He being doing it?

Now more than ever, because of the almost limitless possibilities for global interaction and social investment, we need to start asking, “Of all the good that can be done in the world, what good should be done? And for that matter, is doing good – good enough or are we called to something more?”

A resurgence of the Social Gospel is energizing believers, but what does the Bible say about the role of humanitarian works in the Christian life? As believers, Christians are called to a specific task: to be ministers of God's message of salvation. At the same time, the New Testament manifests nearly every concern of the revitalized Social Gospel. Care for the poor and needy, reconciliation of social and racial divisions, and nurture for the sick and abused—all can be biblical and Christ-honoring activities.

“A corrective and a call to action all in one, Humanitarian Jesus shows that evangelism and humanitarian works can and should coexist harmoniously. In an accessible and non-academic style, Christian Buckley and Ryan Dobson outline the biblical case for social and humanitarian investment and engage the topic through interviews with leading Christian thinkers, activists, and humanitarian workers—including Franklin Graham, Gary Haugen, Ron Sider, Tony Campolo, Francis Chan, Mark Batterson, David Batstone, and more.”

“The people who love, because they are freed through the truth of god, are the most revolutionary people on earth. They are the ones who upset all values; they are the explosives in human society. Such persons are the most dangerous.”

Each of the people we included in the book, and others we didn’t have room for, are trying to look at the world and react the way god is leading them. The point of the interviews wasn’t to critique, but rather to gain insight from how each of the individuals and organizations is working out god’s call to invest in his creation and serve his desires. Find out more about the interviews by clicking through below. We hope your search will ignite a desire in you to find your place of engagement in god’s work of investment in, and redemption of, his creation.
David Batstone - Not For Sale
Jim Moriarty - Surfrider Foundation
Franklin Graham - Samaritan’s Purse
Rusty Pritchard - Flourish
Francis Chan - Cornerstone Church
Brad Corrigan - Love Light & Melody
Bryan Kemper - Stand True Ministries
Mike Yankoski - The Ranch
Christian Buckley - Think More Truth

Christian Buckley is a husband, father, lawyer, entrepreneur, non-profit leader, writer, and follower of Christ. After attending four colleges in four years where he studied History, Philosophy and Logic, Christian graduated from UCLA School of Law in 2001 and moved to the Silicon Valley where he took a position in a prominent firm. At the age of 28, he left a successful corporate law practice and six figure income behind to embark on a practical pursuit of discipleship. Over the past five years, his work has included rebuilding and helping launch several national ministries, representing executives and business owners in complex business transactions, litigating on behalf of California death row inmates and other prisoners, providing strategic organization and business consulting services, and launching several companies.

Christian is the former Chairman of Christian Surfers United States and co-founder of The Glue Network, a revolutionary social networking philanthropic platform aimed at empowering individuals to fund global humanitarian projects through the use of visionary corporate funding and commitment. He grew up in southern California and now lives in San Diego with his wife of 11 years Bridget, daughter Maeve, and son Brendan. He received a Juris Doctor with Specialization in Business Law from UCLA and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of California, Irvine.

Ryan Dobson -

With the conviction that comes from knowing your purpose— and loving every minute of it— Ryan Dobson passionately pursues his calling in Christ. From his books to his podcast to his speaking engagements, Ryan uses every opportunity to call people out of the moral relativism of today’s society and into “the ultimate adventure” of following Christ.

Drawing from his experiences talking first-hand to teenagers and young adults, he wrote his first book, Be Intolerant in 2003. This wake-up call warned young Christians not to fall for the lies of a relativistic, postmodern society. Described as having “a colloquial style with all the subtlety of a two-by-four to the side of the head” by Publishers Weekly, it quickly rose up the sales charts— followed by two more best sellers, 2 Die 4 and 2 Live 4 in the years to come.

Behind the scenes, Ryan has been developing his own base— KOR World Ministries, with the purpose to “build passion and identity in Christ followers”. He produces KORKast, a podcast that challenges listeners in how they see, hear, and think about life and their interaction with culture. He also continues to speak, leads short-term missions trips and men’s retreats, and his fourth book - WRECKED: What God can do when things crash and burn was released in June 2008 by Tyndale Publishers.

Ordained in 2007, Ryan has a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from Biola University. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Laura, and their son, Lincoln.

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